Opinion: Caged community (by Kingsley Liu)

Caged community (by Kingsley Liu) The Lowy Institute’s latest report, “Lines Blurred: Chinese Community Organisations in Australia”, does more to fence in the Chinese community than it does to liberate them from suspicion and institutional bias for which there is no end in sight. https://apac.news/caged-community/

Chinese history cash plan 澳洲華人據史力爭,謀求政府經濟補償

CHINESE community leaders will ask the federal government to set up a fund that would acknowledge Australia’s history of racial discrimination against Chinese migrants. The fund is seen as an alternative to pressing for a formal apology for past anti-Chinese policies, including taxes imposed by colonial governments to deter Chinese migrants. Similar funds have been … Read more

Exploring the China syndrome: prosperity without profile 探索中国综合症:有钱无地位

THE kids, says Hong Lim, are doing fine. They have degrees, professions, and lots are driving a Mercedes. Life’s good. But the state Labor MP says there is something missing in this success story for a growing middle class of Chinese Australians: they don’t have a say in the national conversation. “There is no voice, … Read more

CCCAVic Meets with Police About the Death of a Chinese Man Under Police Custody . 澳華社區議會維州分部與維州警局會面了解華人死亡事件調查進展

[three_fifth padding=”0 20px 0 0″] 澳華社區議會維州分部(CCCAV)於八月十日(上週二)在維州警局總部(Victoria Police Headquarters)與警局代表會談,了解華人在警局死亡一案的進展。 維州警局總部的阿什利•迪肯森(Ashley Dickenson)指揮官(Commander)及警局的多元文化小組分負責人瑪麗•皮爾(Marie Piu) 女士會見了澳華社區議會維州分部蔣天麟會長一行。 五月十二日週四,一名因醉酒而被單迪農(Dandenong)警方拘留的華裔男子,由於身體疼痛難忍向警方求助。警方長時間無視請求,最終導致他第二天在醫院死亡。 事件於五月二十四日見報後,澳華社區議會維州分部表示密切關注。維州分部會長蔣天麟醫生表示, 警方這種行為是絕對不能容忍的。澳華社區議會維州分部顧問委員會主席,維州議會議員林美豐於五月二十五日維州議會的議員發言時間,強烈譴責警方無視生命的行為,並督促進行嚴肅徹底的調查,還死者妻女真相和正義。澳華社區議會維州分部一直嘗試與警方會面和對話,了解更多進展。 八月十日的警局總部會談持續了一個多小時,澳華社區議會維州分部表示,作為維護澳洲華人利益的社區組織,澳華社區議會維州分部理應得到一個開誠佈公的答复。 警方表示,目前案件由命案調查組蒐集各方證據及口供,然後提交驗屍官。警方願意隨時將調查進展照會澳華社區議會維州分部。因拘留而在警局死亡的同類事件,以往就有兩三例;而根據警方估計,此案件最終調查結果出來可能需要幾個月到半年時間。 在蔣會長詢問下,警方表示,如果死者家屬同意,可以將聯絡信息告知澳華社區議會維州分部,分部可代表華人社區向死者家屬提供慰問或協助。 分部也向警方諮詢,由於語言和文化的差異,相比澳洲其他社區例如猶太社區, 在澳華人與警方之間的溝通與合作相對薄弱,警方有沒有措施來增進彼此溝通?警方表示,目前正在各大校園做吸納警員的宣傳活動,非常願意更多華人青年加入警隊,增加華人在警隊的比重;同時,警方也希望通過信息介紹會等方式增進與華人社區的溝通。 澳華社區議會維州分部曾於今年六月九日在維州議會大廈召開的每月常務會議上,為揭露警方玩忽職守而導致華人男子死亡事件的華語口譯員JJ (化名) 頒發了“澳華社區議會維州分部感謝證書”,對其勇於揭露真相的行為表示嘉獎和鼓勵。 [/three_fifth] [two_fifth_last] CCCAV praise interpreter for breaking the story, June 2010 Meeting with Victorian police about the death of a Chinese man in custody, 3 August 2010. (照片从右至左: 維州警局總部迪肯森(Ashley Dickenson)指揮官,澳華社區議會維州分部會長蔣天麟醫生,澳華社區議會維州分部 楊昶) [/two_fifth_last]

Asian language study lagging in Australia

PM – Tuesday, 5 May , 2009  18:46:00

Reporter: Jeff Waters

MARK COLVIN: Leading business, union and academic bodies have formed a new alliance to promote Asian language and cultural studies in Australian schools and universities. The Business Alliance for Asia Literacy was launched in Melbourne today in an attempt to address this country’s patchy commitment to learning about our neighbours.The alliance says that half Australia’s schools teach very little about Asia. Just 6 per cent of final-year students study an Asian language. Just 3 per cent go on to study the languages in universities.Jeff Waters reports.

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