Executive Committee 執行委員會

张麗 Li Zhang
Founder and Director of the Langsey Company - a training and consulting service for Australian retail brands who want to source ethically, sustainably and effectively from Asia. Li is highly experienced in the international trade, retail and tourism industries, and has obtained an MBA from the Melbourne Business School to gain a deeper understanding of best practices in global business strategy.
蒋华建 Eric Jiang
Vice President
A Corporate Financial Consultant with over 15 years of experience. Eric holds directorships in a number of companies, including 3 ASX listed companies and has raised in excess of $AUD200 million in the past 3 years for various listed and private companies.
李健民 Jimmy Li, Ph.D.
Member of Monash Multicultural Advisory Committee.
吴子鹏 Jeff Wu
CPA, Treasurer of the organisation, who is currently employed as a Finance Manager in a publicly listed accommodation operator in Australia which has business across Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia and the USA (Hawaii). Jeff manages the finance function in two states for the company.
李根 Gen Li
Committee Member
Co-founder and director of the ToFuture Education Group.
Kiara Chen
Committee Member
澳洲早教机构创始人; 澳洲商贸发展促进会理事
梅烝 Marty Mei
Committee Member
David Sun
Committee Member
澳中音乐交流促进会主席; 音乐教育机构创始人
温方臣 Kim Wen
Committee Member
The Director of her own entrepreneur mentoring company which specialises in small business development and career coaching. Kim is a former Director of Premium Clients in a leading Australian bank. Her responsibilities included mortgage and multicultural banking business development which covered the areas of aged care, real estate and education.
杨婧 Nancy Yang
Committee Member
Has previously chaired the Melbourne Chinese Youth United Association for 8 years and is currently working for one of the largest Christian churches in Melbourne. Nancy has experience in dealing with NDIS and other government support agencies, advocating on behalf of people with disability and special needs.
唐湘雅 Aurora Tang
Committee Member
Holding a Master’s degree in Public Health (MPH), Aurora mainly works in the BBV/STIs sector in roles ranging from health promotion, health program evaluation, workforce development training to community education and engagement in primary health care organisations to tackle public health issues. On volunteering basis, she continues working alongside Victorian Chinese community stakeholders to support the development of the Chinese Health Promotion Coalition (CHPC) .
马炎 Eric Ma
Committee Member
Former Public Servant; Environmental & Agricultural Consultant; Freelance Columnist (Environmental Science Communication).

The Council of Advisors 顾问团

林美丰 Hong Lim
前州议员; 前多元文化及亚洲拓展部副部长
刘秀凤 Marion Lau OAM
前VMC多元文化委员会委员; ECCV秘书长
迪明贤 Meng Heang Tak MP
维州众议院议员 Victorian State MP
苏震西 John So AO
Former Lord Mayor of Melbourne; 澳洲勳章獲得者(前墨爾本市長)
蒋天麟 Dr Stanley Chiang
Former Mayor of Darebin; 前戴瑞濱市長
陈东军 June Anderson
杨昶 Mike Yang
冯小薇 Teresa Chung
伍颂达 Arthur Wu
胡玫 May Hu OAM
蔡源 Dr Peter Cai
雷谦光 L.M. Louey