Walk from Robe

May 6-25, 2017

The Great Walk 160: From Robe to the Goldfields and Beyond

To commemorate the 160th anniversary of the Great Walk from Robe, CCCAV will take a team of walkers on a journey from Robe to Ballarat, to the Parliament of Victoria. The walk will take place over 20 days in May 2017, along a route of over 400 kilometres. Walkers will go through townships of historical significance, see many heritage sites, meet decedents of Chinese goldminers; and gain a truly unique insight into this important chapter in Australian and Chinese history. It will be a truly unforgettable experience for those who take part.

A core team (of up to 20 people) will walk the entire route; and smaller groups and individuals will join them along the way. A support team will accompany the team for the duration of the walk. CCCAV is working with representatives from each town along the route to ensure the logistics of this huge undertaking are well managed; and just as importantly to engage local communities and foster their participation in the event.