Chinese Community Council of Australia 2017 Events

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The Great Walk

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Message from the Chairperson and the President of CCCA Victoria

Dear Friends,

2017 is shaping up to be an exciting year as the Chinese Community Council of Australia (CCCA) prepares to celebrate the 160th anniversary of the Walk from Robe and all that Chinese-Australian community has achieved since.

We will honour the heroic effort and sacrifice of the early Chinese settlers, recognising their resilience and indomitable spirit in the face of great adversity and the significant role they played in shaping this nation.

We will celebrate the significant contribution Chinese-Australians have made to our nation’s prosperity since the time of the “New Gold Mountain”; and we will look to what the future holds for Australia and Chinese Australians as China in-turn becomes the “New Gold Mountain”.

We hope you will join us in celebrating this unique historical event and help us make history in 2017.