Chinese Community Council of Australia 2017 Events

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Message from the Chairperson and the President of CCCA Victoria

Dear Friends,

Next year is shaping up to be an exciting year for the Chinese Community Council of Australia (CCCA) as we prepare to celebrate the 160th anniversary of The Great Walk from Robe and all that the Chinese-Australian community has achieved since.

During the Australian Gold Rush, from 1857 onwards some 19,000 Chinese gold diggers walked from Robe (a seaport in South Australia) to the Victorian Goldfields. This epic overland walk became necessary because of racist legislation enacted by the Victorian Parliament in 1855, which imposed a ten-pound tax on Chinese migrants who disembarked in Port Melbourne. Many died from exhaustion and illness on the rugged 500 km journey, only to face great hostility and further discrimination when they arrived. Despite this, the Chinese persisted and made Australia their home, enriching our nation as a whole.

In 2017 we will honour the heroic effort and sacrifice of the early Chinese settlers, recognising their resilience and indomitable spirit in the face of great adversity; and the significant role they played in shaping this nation. We will celebrate the significant contribution Chinese-Australians have made to our nation’s prosperity since the time of the ‘New Gold Mountain’; and we will look to what the future holds for Australia and Chinese-Australians as China in-turn becomes the ‘New Gold Mountain’.

To celebrate this momentous year we have an exciting program of events happening in 2017:

  • The Great Walk – taking walkers on a journey from Robe to Ballarat; and then to the steps of the Victorian Parliament celebrating and commemorating our past.
  • Beyond the New Gold Mountain Conference – examining the trials and tribulations of the early Chinese settlers, the contributions of the Chinese in Australia; and the present day importance of China as Australia’s leading trading partner.
  • Our Story: Exhibition & Film – we will hold an exhibition at the Immigration Museum, which will become a travelling exhibition, to share our history as widely as possible. We will also use the power of film to shine a light on the largely invisible history of the early Chinese-Australian settlers and our place as a community in Australian history.
  • Gala Dinner & Concert – this grand affair will be at the Crown Palladium to highlight the achievements of the Chinese-Australian community and to celebrate our cultural traditions.

As you can imagine, each of these events is a gigantic undertaking in its own right and it will take considerable time, effort and resources to make the entire program an outstanding success, as well as something that all Chinese-Australians can be proud of for many years to come.

We hope you will join us in celebrating this unique historical event and help us make history in 2017.

For more information about our exciting program of events for 2017, please call CCCA on 03 9018 7336 or email Please do not hesitate to contact us if you can contribute to the success of this project. This is a unique opportunity for Chinese-Australians to come together in celebrating our history and sharing it with the entire community. These celebrations are also a unique opportunity for us to write our own chapter in history and take great pride in doing so.

Yours in friendship,

Hong Lim MP Mike Yang
Chair President
CCCA Advisory Council CCCA






  • 重走淘金路:一段從Robe到 Ballarat再到維州議會的徒步旅行, 通過重走淘金之路、親身體驗先輩的經歷,來紀念和緬懷我們澳洲華裔的歷史。
  • 「後新金山時代」的會議:考證和探討早期華人移民在澳洲發展中所做出的貢獻,並將研討當今中國作為澳洲重要的交易夥伴所帶來的影響。
  • 我們的故事——展覽與影像:我們將開展移動展覽,放映早期移民的影像資料來展現華裔群體在澳洲歷史中的地位。
  • 晚宴與音樂會:這項盛事將在皇冠宴會廳舉辦,在當晚將總結維州澳華社區議會在近來所取得的成就和結果,也將共同感受我們傳統文化藝術之美。